Currently, I devote a lot of time to portraits. 

This is a long-term project in which I draw people in order to create my own visual image of our contemporary.

I look for people with unique facial features and capture them on a piece of paper or canvas. I am very interested in emphasizing the inner world of a person, the chords of one’s soul, and the way life touches and influences it. 

If you have a desire to take part in this my creative project, please contact me to discuss the terms of our possible cooperation.

Below you can find some of my Portraits and Sketchs painted in various styles and art techniques.

Portraits - oil on canvas (Album)

Portrait - oil painting tutorial (Video)

Pastel portraits (Album)

Sketches on the OpenSea (NFT)

Sometimes I also take orders for the embodiment of some ideas and wishes of customers. This does not happen often, because drawing a good portrait is a very difficult and responsible job for any painter. 

You can get 100% hand-drawn realistic Portrait or Sketch in different art techniques (Charcoal, Pencil, Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor) painted remotely from your reference photos by professional painter. 

The cost depends on the size, technique, the complexity of the composition, the number of people in the painting, as well as the urgency of the order.

Contact me and we will always agree on the details with you. The main thing to remember here is that a good painting is the most pleasant and memorable gift for a respected or loved one.

To contact me directly, please use the special Contact Form on the Contacts page of this website.  I will come back to you very soon.

Portraits - original image files